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Tailed Beasts

The Tailed Beast sometimes referred to as ‘Chakra Monsters’.

So before the tailed beasts existed his nine separate entities they were all one being that being the ten tails the ten tails was eventually sealed inside of the body of the sage of six paths Hagoromo Otsutsuki but there existed a very real threat of the ten tails escaping Hagoromo’s body when he eventually died obviously the ten tails was a pretty big threat to everybody in the world. so the sage of six paths decided that he needed to do something about this before long one of Hagoromo’s son, Ashura gave him the idea of splitting the ten tails into nine separate weaker entities and giving each of these entities personalities to keep them from running among the same way the ten tails did the results of this process was as many of you can guess for yourself the creation of the nine tailed beasts.

Each of them has a different amount of tails numbering one through nine and as a result many of the characters in the Naruto universe refer to each of the tailed beasts by however many tails they had for example this guy is referred to as the three tails by many characters because he has well three tails but despite what many people think these creatures do in fact have proper names since each of the tailed beasts were born with a distinct personality and appearance Hagoromo thought it would only be fair to give each of them a name to make them feel less like beasts and more like living.

The Tailed Beasts

The tailed beasts in order of their number of tails.

  1. Shukaku (One Tailed)
  2. Matatabi (Two Tailed)
  3. Isobu (Three Tailed)
  4. Son Goku (Four Tailed)
  5. Kokuo (Five Tailed)
  6. Saiken (Six Tailed)
  7. Chomei (Seven Tailed)
  8. Gyuki (Eight Tailed)
  9. Kurama (Nine Tailed)
  10. Juubi (Ten Tailed)

1. Shukaku

shukaku - Tailed Beasts

Beings Shukaku is the one tail and is a psychotic brown tanuki completely made of sand covered in blue markings from head to toe shikaku is proficient with wind release and earth release and by extension magnet release which gives it the ability to control sand in a similar fashion to many of the sand villages caused a cog.

2. Matatabi


Matatabi is the two tails and is a cat made up entirely of blue flames covered in black markings similar to the markings seen on Shikaku’s body. As you’d expect from a cat made up entirely of fire Matatabi is proficient with fire release and can use fire release to make a jutsu that’s a blend between a cats hair ball and a fire ball.

3. Isobu


The three tails and is a big shy turtle with a spiky gray shell capable of using water release additionally Isobu is capable of creating large coral reefs and rolling up into a ball like Sonic.

4. Son Goku


The Hedgehog son Goku is the four tails and is a giant loud mouth red monkey capable of using fire release earth release and lava release. Son Goku is also very proficient at using taijutsu which he frequently blends with ability.

5. Kokuo


To use lava release Kokuo is the five tails and there’s a quiet reserved horse with the head of a dolphin capable of using water release fire release and by extension boil release whiff boil release.

Kokuo is capable of increasing the temperature of its chakra until it begins to produce steam which when emitted from the body creates enough pressure to dramatically increase the force imbued in its physical attacks.

6. Saiken


Saiken is the six tails and there’s a giant slime covered slug proficient at using water release. Many of its water release techniques involve secreting corrosive acid capable of disintegrating pretty much anything that comes into contact with and a numerous anime only scenes Saiken is capable of using bubble ninjutsu.

7. Chomei


Chomei is the seven tails a happy-go-lucky armored rhinoceros beetle and the only tailed beast with the ability to fly. Chomei has shown no prowess with any elemental ninjutsu but it has many extraneous bug themed abilities that make it just as deadly as all of the other tailed beasts.

8. Gyuki

Gyuki - Tailed Beasts

The eight tails an ox octopus hybrid with a calm wise personality and the second most powerful of the nine tailed beasts while has shown no elemental ninjutsu prowess this is offset by the fact that like We know it is the second most powerful of the nine tailed beasts and it also has the unique ability to secrete ink from its body for various purposes.

9. Kurama


Finally we come to the big one the one everybody’s been waiting for Kurama the nine tailed fox. Kurama is by and large the most arrogant least friendly and most powerful of all of the tailed beasts. While Kurama has shown no unique abilities this is offset by the fact that he is without a doubt the most powerful of all nine tailed beasts he and defeated six other tailed beasts at the same time in what was essentially a landslide victory and Kurama put in most of the work in that fight. Kurama is really powerful now a leech of the tailed beasts.

10. Juubi


The Ten-Tailed Beast (十尾, Jūbi) is the original, primordial demon of the Naruto universe. All nine of the tailed beasts are but portions of chakra divided from the Ten-Tails. Madara Uchiha‘s ultimate goal, the Eye of the Moon Plan, is to capture and merge all nine of the tailed beasts back into the Ten-Tails, and become its jinchūriki to cast the reflection of his Sharingan on the moon, casting a genjutsu known as the Infinite Tsukuyomi which will put the entire world under his control.

We do have seen plenty of traits unique to them individually they all share a number of overarching traits that tailed beasts are generally known for as tailed beasts are the embodiments of pure chakra they all have enormous chakra reserves significantly larger than motion OB could even fathom additionally being composed entirely of chakra makes the tailed beasts.

Effectively immortal as ever they die the chakra that makes them up simply disperses throughout nature only to eventually reform itself into that tailed beasts in the future furthermore tailed beasts can communicate telepathically both with the people that they’re sealed inside of and with other tailed beasts and they can fire massive condensed pure chakra spheres called Tailed beasts balls.

These tailed beast balls are essentially Dragon Ball Z attacks as whenever they hit anything they create an enormous explosion anyhow.

It has been shown that Tailed Beasts can have more than one conscience or body, as in the Fourth Great Ninja War and onwards, Shukaku to Chōmei are present in the real-world, and Gyūki was inside Killer Bee, while all 8 were inside Naruto as well, where they hold meetings.

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